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Visitation Rights

By: Gina

November 2, 2014

This weekend we were visited by both sides of the family!  Dad stopped by for the first time since his accident and took a tour of all the changes that have happened.  Shortly after he took off, Dean's mom's husband David came by unexpectedly and coated us with praise.  It's nice to get some affirmation sometimes that we're doing a good job ;)

On Saturday we winterized the trailer by blowing out the water lines and shutting everything down.  I took everything out of the pantry and the refridgerator and put it in the house.  Everything's all set up for winter.

I also completely finished painting the primer on the floor, and we took a look at some flooring options in the natural light of the house.  After that, we finished insulating and roofing the pump house and got it all ready for inspection.  Since it wasn't the middle of the night yet, we wired in some of the outlets.

Three flooring options.  I think we're exploring the center option.

Door all installed at the bottom of the stairs between the garage and the house.

Dean finished wiring in the pump for the heat system.  It's all done now!

Is it a fridge or a pantry?  Why not both?

Cutting the roofing for the pump house.

All roofed!

My first outlet!  Doesn't get any prettier than that!

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