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The Painted Lady and the Radiant Man

By: Gina

October 26, 2014

We started off this weekend by going shopping for flooring, which turned out to be a huge frustration.  Only certain types of hardwood floors are approved for radiant heat, and no one can seem to agree on which those are.  We also looked at tile and found out that my simple black and white floor I wanted for the bathroom is next to impossible to actually get.  We cannot understand why every step of the way has to be this complicated. 

So after a not-so-productive learning experience on Saturday, we headed back to the house on Sunday to keep working on the floor and the heat system.  Dean finished the plumbing and the wiring for the boiler and fired the thing up.  It's going to take a while before we know if all is going according to plan because it takes a long time to bring the house up to temperature.  Once he finished all that, he started the long and tedious task of wiring outlets.  He'll be swearing at his wife for putting in so many before that job is done.  Meanwhile I kept painting the floor.

The inside of the boiler.

Painting the dining room floor.

One down.

All done and running.

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