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Functional Bathroom!

By: Gina

August 17, 2014

This weekend we purchased and installed our first toilet, and now have a fully functional bathroom!

Super fancy toilet with overflow protection.  It has three little holes in the back like a sink does so if it overflows the water just goes through a different drain.  We'll see how it works someday when our kids try to flush their toys.  And next to it is our also super fancy $99 vanity we got at the hardware store.  It's temporary of course.

Someday we'll have a fancy vanity with a double sink, but for now we'll just stick to our little tiny cabinet.

Very pretty delta faucet, shower head, and glass sliding door, fully installed.

Fully functional toilet!  No more honeybucket for yours truly.

I can even wash my hands, and we even have hot water!



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