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Bite the bullet

By: Gina

April 13, 2014

We took a risk this weekend and decided to bite the bullet on the plumbing and electrical rough-in inspections.  Dean thought that we just needed the motivation of an upcoming deadline.  We scheduled them for Monday and/or Tuesday (they have a two day window) and got to work finishing up some last minute details.  I spent most of the weekend putting in the metal plates that are supposed to protect the wires and pipes from accidental stray drywall screws or picture nails.  Dean supported all the drain, waste and vent pipes with metal and plastic plumbers tape.  In order to pass the plumbing rough-in, we have to fill all the pipes with water to prove there's no leaks, and that water is really heavy.  So we over did the supports a bit to make sure all would be well.  Toward the end of the day on Sunday, Dean took a hose up on the roof and started filling the pipes through the vent pipe coming out of the roof.  It took a long time to get the whole house full.  Once it was full we found a couple of slow leaks we have to take care of, so Dean will be headed back tomorrow to try and fix those up before the inspector gets there.

Installing the toilet plug.  This one busted loose when we had the system full of water and flooded our bathroom.  It was ok though, we got it all fixed up no problem.

Metal plates to protect the wires.

There are three types of metal plates, big ones, little ones and puzzle ones.  The puzzle ones fit together to make really long tracts. 

Puzzle plates.

Meter box all ready for the meter installation.

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