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Wiring. Yup, really.

By: Gina

January 26, 2014

Dean built a small, temporary well house today while I continued my wiring efforts.  Wires don't really photograph well, it's difficult to really show how much work it is.  But trust me, it's a lot of work.

Kitchen all done.

Step lights.  These were done before, but Dean had to move one of the studs on the wall below so we could center one of them.

Hose bib!  Dean finished these up this weekend too.  He's going to build little access panels in the decking so these can be easily accessed from the deck.

Grounding rod.  This is 8 feet deep.  Bears repeating - eight (8) feet!  There are two of them.

This is what happens when you accidentally hit the end of your romex with a drill bit.  Don't worry, I didn't need that one.

All nice and labeled!

Conduit for the pump.

Cute little pump house!

Wired ceiling fan.

Four gang box, no problem.

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