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Wiring again

By: Gina

January 12, 2014

Well I'm back to the wiring again!  I had a brief vacation from it while we focused on different things, but now it's time to get busy.  Dean worked on the panels, and helped me wire some of the particularly hard to reach high places, while I continued to work on fixtures and outlets.

Dean left me this present.  While installing the siding he accidentally shot a nail right through the center of one of the wires in the living room.  In case you didn't know this, when this happens, you've got to rip that wire out and run a new one.

Step light wires.

A little plumbing snuck in this weekend when Dean gave me a sink in the craft room / office.

Electrical panels.

Dean in the attic wiring for the chandelier.

We don't have gutters on the porch yet, and it rained so hard we filled this bucket several times today with the runoff.

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