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Conduit, attic steps and can lights

By: Gina

January 5, 2014

Welcome to 2014 everyone!  We started this year off with a bang by continuing our long standing tradition of digging in the mud.  We discovered that PUD wasn't going to let us make a turn in our conduit above ground, so we had to dig out the conduit, cut it and move it back so no turn would be necessary.  It was messy, but a one day job and now it's done.  Afterwards, we installed the ladder into our attic space and installed all of our can lights.

Thank you excavator guy for dumping this flipping huge rock right next to our conduit.  It took Dean forever just to dig it out.

Finished new bend.

Then we had to put the stupid rock somewhere.

All done and filled back in.

Attic ladder complete!

Can lights in living room.

Can lights in master bath.

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