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Historic and Pre-Construction Photos

The History

The property was purchased by a family in the late 1990's who got a building permit and began to build a one story main house with an attached mother-in-law apartment and shop below it.  Sadly for them, they were not able to complete construction, and the property went back to the bank in the early 2000's.  The bank eventually demolished the half completed structures since they posed significan liability.  The windows had all been broken out and the house vandalized by the time it was demolished.

We purchased the property in 2010 with the intention of building on the foundation originally intended for the mother-in-law.  Because it was built on a grade, the foundation was a full 8 inches, and could support a two story house.  The foundation intended for the main house will be demolished and will be the front lawn.

Here is a view of the old main house pre-demolition.  This photo is taken as you first drive up the driveway.  The five car garage was to be built just this side of that wall facing this direction.  It was never completed.

This was the mother-in-law apartment with a shop below.  This house was to be connected to the garage on the corner on the far left of this photo.  The garage then connected to the main house, creating one large structure. 

The original site plan.  You can see the driveway and the placement of the structures.  The NGPA indicates the two streams that go through the property.

This is what it looked like when we bought it.  Debris from the demolition had been left in the foundation, which had collected considerable water.

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